1114 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut, 06878, USA


Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Our Green Hotel in Connecticut

Today, it is not enough to merely build and design a cool and interesting space; careful thought and consideration must be made to a comprehensive program of sustainability.

J House Greenwich's Green Initiative Highlights Include:

  • The original Howard Johnsons hotel was reduced to its core structure prior to renovation.
  • The original black top and partitions that were demolished, ground up and reused as roadway base on the new property.
  • All pre-existing metals (piping, wiring, stair railings) were recycled.
  • There is zero increase in storm water runoff from the property following the redevelopment.
  • The new building insulation far exceeds the state requirements and contributes to enhanced energy performance.
  • The exterior stone covering is made from synthetic materials, avoiding costly operations used to extract natural stone.
  • The synthetic stone is a blend of concrete and recycled stone dust.
  • The stone work in both the private dining room and wine vault sourced directly from post-consumer waste - a by-product of stone work from other uses.
  • The public area floors are made from bamboo, a fast growing and sustainable product.
  • The dining room floor is made from 100% reclaimed wood.
  • Roof shingles are made from recycled tires.
  • Drinking water is filtered and bottled on site
  • Menus are printed on recycled papers
  • The entire building is smoke free – making it a “healthy hotel”
  • Apple iPads in each guest room eliminate need for printed information materials